Why us?

Effective Energy Optimization & Recovery, Pinch Modules Array Implementions. We focus on operations integrity adding Solar Systems with Inherited Simplicity.

Making the difference, changing the face of process industry energy. Spatial organization with standard, scalable, and reusable parts. Our feature-rich product family made to force innovation.

We developed expertise that combines engineering, 3D design, top quality manufacturing and complete process control software integration. We provide complete modularization for all of our projects. Our skid mounted process solutions merge mechanical, electrical and process control software in a single module for robust operation and complete integration.

Our Targets:

  • Identifying opportunities to minimise water and energy consumption
  • Minimising energy water and effluent costs, Combined if possible with Product Recovery.
  • Meeting environmental obligations in the most appropriate manner
  • Minimising carbon emissions. Large Scale approach avoiding wasted expenditure on non-optimal local solutions
  • Maximum value from investment in energy and environmental improvement projects
  • Ensuring that new developments are inherently energy efficient and environmentally sound
  • Inheretence of Scalable, Upgradable characteristics with complete Technological Modularization.
  • We limit your complexity not your Potential.
  • Upgrade, Update, Relocate, Reconfigure, Resize, Rethink your process...needs.!


Management team

Panagiotis Saravanos

Athens NTUA, Nottingham/U, EAME/JRC.

Chem. Engineering, M.Sc., MSc. Process Engineering, Control, Design, System Integration.

Joakim Byström

COO, Director
Uppsala University

University Diploma with Specialization in Technology

Olle Olsson

Project Manager
Uppsala University

Master of Science in Engineering Physics

Jonatan Mossegård

System Development Engineer
Umeå University

M.Sc. in Engineering Physics