Energy|Pinch Modules

Making the difference, changing the face of process industry energy.

Process Integration/Pinch Technological Modules.

  • Pioneered Pinch with Solar Power Combination
  • Efficient use of steam and hot water
  • Conceptual re-design of energy and water efficient processes
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Recovery Modules

Limitless potential. Not just a piece of equipment but a feature-rich product family to force innovation. Scalable, Reconfigureable, IIoT Ready/

    Modules for Energy and water flow process upgrade with saving and recovery.
  • Combined Heat and material handling Modules.
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Embedded Technology to empower transform of process industry. Break free from the average, achieve amazing effieciency with solar Power.

  • Solar Process Integration Modules.
  • High Enthalpy Solar Power.
  • Zero CO2 target.

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Need For Energy Water and Waste Minimization in Process Industry ?

Zero CO2 targeting ?

Solar High Enthalpy Process Integration?

Your Process Operations Transformation Starts Here.




Food and drink manufacture
Personal/Home Care
  • Metallurgical processes
  • Mineral processing
  • Oil and gas
  • Pulp and paper
  • Water and effluent processing
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Energy from waste/anaerobic digestion